1. Endless Elysian Fields 07:43
2. Dying Kinship 08:05
3. Swan Song 07:28
4. The Formation of a Black Nightsky 07:21
5. Drifter, Trickster 08:14
6. The Cosmic Cold 09:16
7. The Shattering 09:14

All lyrics are © by Henrik & Soijl

Eternal sorrows flowing everywhere
A bittersweet scent is clinging to the air
And from a horizon, bleeding of red
This lonely life is about to die and stay forever dead

Lacerations giving pain, whipping endlessly
Flagellated by the worms and grieving helplessly
I cannot take this torture now, tomorrow, yesterday or anytime. No! Never!
Cause life is slowly killing me, eating from inside
The lies, deceit and scorn is all that will abide
I cannot take this torture now, tomorrow, yesterday or anytime. No! Never!

I mourn for no one, cause no one will care
If ever die, if I leave this earth tomorrow
Because this agony, is too large that I should spare
this lonely life that is about to fly away in sorrow

So into the sunset, I slowly fade away
I enter paramount oblivion in a state of ease
At one with the soil, I caress the last sunray
And feel the empty void embrace me in a state of peace

Here is peace, here is grief, here is eternity forever
Here is joy, here is scorn, here is eternity's endeavour
Life is lost, death is won and colossal chaos is never
Rapid streams of blood is flowing through Elysian's nether



I sear your heart, but all the pain
I give to you can't make things undone
As you depart I let the rain
Cover me and your grave as well
And this is where we stand right now
A broken man together with a corpse
Yes, this is where I'll make my vow
To forever hunt your mind

As the rain washes over me and you
We stand united, yet separated by death
And in each others arms we embrace one last time
I feel the hatred grow in both of us

I am complying
I am prepared to meet my end
We weren't trying
To ever be one's friend
Where you are dying
No angels may ascend
I'm cursed and flying
Into oblivion we both transcend

This is when you die
Finally you've stopped growing older
I'm the splinter in your eye
I am the devil on your shoulder

Into the clouds and far beyond
I'll reach the stars and destinies unknown
In misty shrouds, without a sound
You'll die alone in total fucking solitude
I have no fears and no regrets
I'll take my doom with gruntled eyes
And so the years speaks and forgets
No one recalls and no one mourns you

Amongst the stars I shall forever dwell
Your olden consciousness, the evil that was you
I served a purpose, now I've broken my chains
That kept me fettered to your body and your soul


An endless wasteland of bones
A sun-drenched Stygian field
Amongst primordial stones
Monumental is this shield

This is the haven of tranquillity
The fantasy of a confusing reality
As this grand paragon of pandemonium
Screams in horror, screams so deafening

Time is running out
Life is soon to be gone
All shall cease and perish
In mankind's swan song

This is life in pure abhorrence
Life complete without a reason
As the scythe makes it's appearance
It grinds through time and season
Like a play of mankind's errors
The haven shows us right and wrong
Ripping flesh in nightly terrors
Gives birth to this population's swan song

Forests of depraved, cursed energy
Clouds of dark smoke rising
Forebearers of a dark century
Hiding amongst scrub - a sylvan disguising
Closed vaults from a dying time
Speaks of grimness of the past
The architecture of olden prime
Brings agony to those aghast

Chains of fire!

This is the warm nexus of anxiety
The final release of lava's entirety
As this grand paragon of pandemonium
Wreaks it's havoc, in fire and ecstacy


Blood now covers all the Earth
It's innocence is lost and raped
Devoured by the swan song's birth
There's nothing left and no escape
From stones and fir to vaults and crypts
Destruction covers all the lands
It is the coming apocalypse
A doom ablaze by fiery hands

Loss of hope!
Lack of faith!
Leech the life!
Gone in smoke!

Cold rains kept falling throughout an entire year
And in a grey canvas the storms gathered in silence
Hailstorms and blizzards, piercing like a thousand spears
An anticipation that all erupts and ends in violence

A mighty thunderstorm never seen before
Surging, purging, cleansing everything
Slow like the snail, dreadful like a war
Lifeless, godless - abandon everything

Silence! The gathering of eerie clouds portraying ghosts
This is the hour when brave men are left to die
Violence! The suffering when nature shows it's spectacular devotion
This is utter darkness - the formation of a black nightsky

No stars twinkle bright this eve, no moon is there to guide us
We're all dancing puppets, machine-like mystery
Faceless dolls and apparitions, we're here to serve a purpose
To feed the utter darkness - a nightsky majesty

Darkness our companion, darkness our shelter and staff
In a journey into soulside the unlit, bleak cynosure
Here we all stand frozen, here we sigh in a bitter laugh
Promises and hopes like debris washed ashore

The rain kept falling, falling like abandoned dreams
Crashing, lashing, into the beyond
Like the clouds it gathered, forming endless streams
Dreamlike, deathlike - bow before the beyond!


The mother of all blackness
Like a blaze that pyres inside our hearts
A colorless canvas
The mother of all darkness
This is your welcoming song


A man in disguise. A name untold
He was a solitary drifter scorned by all
Scarred from the start where no love unfolds
His very existence was his rise and fall
Betrayed by his kin. Outcasted and spat
Mother and father wished him nothing but ill
Beaten and punched. Mocked and laughed at
Was it looks or ways that lead to the kill?

Damned by the gods. Shunned by the crowds
Forgotten by mankind and history pages
A twisted face all dressed in shrouds
A forlorn life spent in cellars and cages
Eventually doomed by people's despise
He was sentenced to burn by mighty men
A final glimpse of black in his eyes
Revealed something old told time and again

The cunning smile, permanently
On a corpse that just refused to burn
The trickster god. The death-certainty
Laughed thunderous and long before he turned
A solemn king in jester clothes
A man that turned out to be nothing but man
Enigma of yore. The Devil knows
Of deceit and lies and the grand masterplan

Phantasm trickster god - the eternal apparition
Demon of lies - almighty weaver of malice, oh... demon of lies

Born of gods, from the womb of demons
Turned to ash yet turned all minds astray
Surged the seas, purged all disbelievers
Cleansed all good and swept religion away

Memento mori - a graven epitaph
Into remembrance we all transcend
Beyond the stars, into the cosmic cold
The final voyage, the illustrious ascent

Do not pray. Do not pledge your God
So mockingly the answers are abscent
We have gone from pleasure to ruin
And utterly turned inside out
Thus, begins the journey to our final destination


But alas, the voyage is plagued by our own infernal apocalypse
Oh, how all amends and penances are pointless to the extent of desperation

Plagued by fevers and nightmares
Instinctively we correct all errors
But aren't they a part of what makes us alive?
Recklessly some go hither and thither
Following the left or right path.
Death wants us any way you see it

Memento mori!
Remember those who died and what they bled for
In eternity
A monument, sepulchral, stands risen for them

Annihilation, the only solution
Hopelessly, we all go down the drain
By radiant beams into deep space
And finally, leaves the blue-green globe
Thus, the strife for our final destination is over

The journey has ended and millions of souls are shattered all over the place
Celestial refugees and hellish inhabitants does not matter

There is no haven, no paradise amongst the twinkling stars
No further travel is possible
There are no laws, with life and love still remaining sparse
Existence is impossible


God knows when we'll rise
Cause without existence there can be no hope
On display for all eyes
The entirety of mankind is danglig from a rope

Memento mori - a graven epitaph
Into remembrance we all transcend
Beyond the stars, into the cosmic cold
The final voyage, the illustrious ascent
Nothing is spared or left but memories
Living in a void, in total harmony
Mankind is drained and left for centuries
Until we rise again, universally

Summer has died. Cold long winter is here
Blessed by grey clouds from the yearning skies
I walk endlessly through this bleak landscape
A mental graveyard before my drunken eyes

There I discover the trinity of ugliness
The shapes of naked banshees, surreal
Stumbling and tumbling, slow on my feet
The smell of frozen grass hits me relentlessly

A flash clasps me as I'm falling to the ground
The final mark of demise is an epitaph for pigs

I wonder as I wander through barren wastes
As barren as the very heart in me;
"Why should I walk on, why not just lay here?"
But the yearning skies are silent - there are no answers

A flash clasps me as I'm falling to the ground
The final mark of demise is an epitaph for pigs
Blood has become the art - it is the shattering
Oblivion is my name - remember my name, ad infinitum

The lassitude is a companion to the art
As we used to dream of halcyon days
But somewhere, something went so wrong
We all gave pearls to pigs for too long


Cold. So cold it has become here
My throat is a vast glacier. My limbs are alps
At the summit everything is torn and shattered
By the endless winter in me