• 2008Skald band

The seeds to Soijl are planted as Mattias starts to record a couple of songs.

• 2014

September - Henrik and Mattias officially join forces and the name Soijl is chosen.
- Demo songs recorded and sent to a couple of labels.
December - Soijl signs with Solitude Productions.

• 2015

January-March - Eight songs are created for the debut album, only seven ended up on the actual release.
April-May - The debut album is recorded, mixed and mastered.
September - Debut album "Endless Elysian Fields" is released.
October - Work begins on the second album.
November - Johan Mathisson joins the band on drums.

• 2016

March - Soijl.com is launched together with the news that the second album is on it's way and will be called "As the Sun Sets on Life".
May - The cover of My Dying Bride's "Here in the Throat" is released (recorded during the winter of 2015).

• 2017

February - Album #2 is done and will be released later this year.