Skald bandSoijl was created in the autumn of 2014 by Mattias (ex-Saturnus, ex-Istapp, ex-Vanmakt, ex-Nidrike) and Henrik (Skald, ex-Nidrike, ex-At Dawn). Mattias had been writing doom metal since the first time he picked up a guitar, but there had never been anyone else around him interested in
playing that kind of music. So, except for a couple of years in Saturnus, Mattias hadn't been able to work with the music he enjoys the most. This is why he, in the autumn of 2014, asked his good friend Henrik if he wanted to record some vocals on a couple of doom tracks he had made and that's
when Soijl was truly born.

During the autumn/winter of 2014 Soijl recorded a 3 track promo that was sent to a couple of labels and Solitude Productions signed Soijl. In April/May 2015 the debut album "Endless Elysian Fields" was recorded and later released on the 21st of September the same year, recieving
positive response overall. As soon as the recording was finished, Soijl started to work on new material for the second album "As theSun Sets on Life" as well as recruiting Johan Mathisson (Onda Makter) on drums later that year.